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Born 7-05-01 Lives with the Pitiger’s Had a little accident 11-02 (See Buddah’s Boo Boo) Likes to play fetch and tug of war Passed Away October 2012 … Continue reading


Lives with Jake & Dewey … Continue reading


Born 7-05-01  Lives with Dave Mish abd Sadie  Looking for a mate. He wants to be a Dad (against the advice of Tom Leykis) … Continue reading

Albrt Whitley

Born June 30th, 2003  Lives with Leslee & Michael … Continue reading


Caesar 1994-2004

Is not the father of Rasha’s Puppies Both knees rebuilt. Cost $5000.00 Passed away 10-2004 Caesar came into my life May 1995. He has been my loyal companion ever since. During the last 9 years we have helped each other … Continue reading