Uju in the Wild

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Lives with Meg Likes to go for a ride in the car         … Continue reading

Makita and Puppies

Had 10 puppies 11-26-03, this is the litter Sketch was born into. Can you tell which one is him? … Continue reading


Born 7-05-01 Lives with Christen and Tim Watches TV and videos on the computer   … Continue reading

Kona at the Beach

Back to Kona Gallery   Kona at the Beach with God parents Ray & Sophie. … Continue reading


Born 7-05-01, Kona Passed Away 12-26-08 Kona at the Beach Gallery Lives with Terry Sutton God parents Ray and Sophie Loves to play with Tennis balls (or any ball) Is a true sports dog, Jet skies. Kona was very special, … Continue reading

Buddah’s Boo Boo

Buddah’s Home   … Continue reading


Born 7-05-01 Lives with the Pitiger’s Had a little accident 11-02 (See Buddah’s Boo Boo) Likes to play fetch and tug of war Passed Away October 2012 … Continue reading


Lives with Jake & Dewey … Continue reading

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